Monday, 13 June 2011

         More questions unanswered. As I look at my life, I am more confused than ever. Is it my fault that I make all the wrong decisions??? Today I contemplated my love life...if you can call it that... Seriously can it be called love when there is hardly any receiving at all from the other end???
   I have been dating Mr."X" for nearly four and a half years now. At times I feel like he loves me so much but at most other times I feel like he just couldn't care less... But the funny thing is that I just can't get myself to break up with him. Not like i haven't thought of like a million times over these years. I don't know what it was in the beginning that kept me drawn to him even though he gave me a hard time, but now I am just afraid of being alone. Ironically, we are in a long distance relationship right it should be easy right??? But it's not!!!
   But then again he goes ahead and does something so sweet and caring that I can't help feeling that I have been acting paranoid!